Godaddy and PayPal

All of your bookkeeping and tax prep done while you sleep

1. Grant read-only access to your PayPal transactions

2. GoDaddy Bookkeeping automatically imports your transaction history

3. View real-time expense reports, taxes, and balances from anywhere

Say goodbye to manual entry – GoDaddy Bookkeeping automatically categorizes your transactions according to tax lines

Business Income

Know your bottom line – GoDaddy Bookkeeping delivers real-time reports on profit & loss, expenses and more

Income and Expenses

Simplify your taxes with up to date schedule c totals, estimated quarterly taxes and sales tax due

Income Categories

“Since GoDaddy Bookkeeping grabs all of my PayPal stuff automatically, I am no longer having to hand enter all my sales, shipping income, refunds, receipts, etc. It separates all of that for me as I sell. I don't have to do anything except print my yearly reports and save my receipts.”

Corduroy Clay

“I won't lie, I hate doing my books. I really just need is a clear picture for planning and taxes. GoDaddy Bookkeeping is the ticket. It auto-populates with all my accounts like Freshbooks, Paypal and my bank and updates me weekly with important info. Not complicated, exactly what my business needs.”

Spark Collaborative

“When I first tried tracking my expenses and profits, I had to sort through piles of receipts and manually enter everything into a spreadsheet. Now that I've linked my paypal and business card to GoDaddy Bookkeeping, I have more time to focus on what's really important to me - creating.”

Haus of Ariella

Your data is always secure because GoDaddy Bookkeeping uses the same security measures that banks use

GoDaddy Bookkeeping uses 256-bit data encryption security, the same as most major U.S. banks. Your data is stored in GoDaddy Bookkeeping servers housed in protected facilities with security guards and biometric scanning. If your PC ever dies or gets stolen your data is still safe and sound with us.