Small-business software: Online or desktop?

Choosing the best small-business software for your needs can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of products out there and they do everything from accounting, to project management, to time-tracking and invoicing. One great way to narrow your options is to decide whether you want online software or desktop software.

Desktop software for small business is no longer the only choice

Desktop software is basically any software that requires installation on your computer. It usually saves information to your computer’s hard drive and requires paid upgrades. QuickBooks and Quicken are examples of accounting desktop software for small business. For a long time, desktop was the only choice in software, however, thanks to evolving technology and faster online connection speeds, now online software is an option, too.

Online small-business software: The growing trend

Online software, also known as web-based software, is not installed on your computer. Instead, you access it online through your web browser. All of your information and files are saved to the software company’s servers (you may have heard this referred to as saved to the cloud).

Online software for small business is gaining popularity because it offers several advantages, the most important being convenience, security and affordability. Small-business online software is also known for being easier to use and usually takes a lot less time to learn than the most popular desktop software. (Read about why online software is the growing choice for small-business accounting.)

Easy, online software for small-business accounting

If you’re a freelancer, online seller or small-business owner and you’re looking for accounting software that will do your bookkeeping automatically and make taxes easier, consider Outright. Outright is online software that is very easy to use and it:

Automates bookkeeping by securely pulling all of your accounts into one place, sorting your expenses from your income, and categorizing your transactions in the way the IRS expects.
Makes taxes easier by always keeping your bookkeeping up to date, showing what you owe in quarterly taxes, and notifying you of upcoming tax deadlines.
Shows how your business is doing with simple yet powerful quick-view charts and graphs. There’s no deciphering confusing reports or weeding through data you don't care about.
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