Outright: A Mint for business alternative

Mint is a popular online money management product that consolidates all your financial accounts for easy viewing and provides financial tools like auto-categorization and budgeting graphs. It’s great for personal finances—but what about business finances?

Like Mint, but for small businesses.

For those self-employed people and small business owners that want a simple QuickBooks or Quicken alternative that’s more like Mint, there’s Outright. It's built to be easy in the same way Mint is, and it shares the same high level of online security. The main difference is that Outright features are made for small-business finances.

Here’s a look at how Outright is similar to Mint and why it’s a top choice for small business owners, including self-employed people like online sellers and freelancers.

Consolidates and organizes your finances.

Like Mint, Outright automatically organizes all your accounts in one place. Here’s how it organizes specifically for business:

Sorts income from expenses. Instead of giving you one long list of transactions like Mint, Outright sorts your transactions into two views, one shows just income (Money In) and the other shows just expenses (Money Out)
Auto-categorization. Outright instantly organizes transactions into IRS-approved business categories instead of personal categories. This makes bookkeeping easier for taxes.
Customization power. You can always create or modify Outright’s business categories and, if you do, Outright will remember your changes for next time just like Mint does.
Schedule C worksheet. Outright automatically generates a Schedule C worksheet so you can just print and take it to your accountant.

Shows how you’re doing at a glance.

Outright has charts and graphs that are easy to understand. They’re similar to Mint’s except they show you information that’s important to your business instead of your personal budget. Outright charts your profit & loss, who your best customers are, where your business is spending the most and even your sales by state.

Notifies you of important financial events.

Outright looks out for you in the same way Mint does–with email alerts. But unlike Mint, Outright notifies you of tax deadlines that impact your business. It even shows you accurate quarterly tax estimates based on your account activity. These business-oriented features make it easier to stay on top of your taxes.

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