Which City Should Outright Visit?

Update! We have our winners. The two cities with the most votes were…

Minneapolis, MN


Daytona, FL

We’ll be visiting TEN cities in total, so click here to find out when Outright is coming to your town!

Outright employees will be taking to the road in the new year to provide advice to small businesses about taxes: sales tax, income tax and the dreaded 1099-K. We’ve got an initial set of cities lined up, but want to hear from you on where you’d like us to come. Let your voice be heard by answering the question below. The city with the most votes will be added to our tour in February or March 2013, just in time for tax season. Voting ends December 31st!

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Outright is coming to one city to help online sellers and small business owners tame their taxes. Vote for your city! http://bit.ly/WghJhI tweet this
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