Things You Should Consider When Naming Your Business

What’s in a name?  Your business name can definitely separate you from your competitors and it’s cool to be creative and unique…just don’t go overboard.  There are many approaches and a few best practices to naming your business.  Some focus on the actual product while others find an appealing word or phrase that seems to draw attention.

So, how do you do it…name your business?  Here are 3 things to consider when naming your business:

Make Sure You Can Secure The Website Domain

Before you do anything else, make sure you purchase the website address for your new business name…the .com version if you can.  It might sound like common sense, but a website is a must have for most businesses these days and making sure you can secure the exact website address (domain) is critical, especially if your business is only online.  You would be amazed at how many words and phrases are actually already taken for dot-com website addresses.  The easiest way to start is just to go to any domain registrar like Network Solutions or NameCheap and type in your desired choices to see what sticks…this will definitely lead you in the direction of what’s available and what you’re future business name might turn out to be.

Name for Today, But Leave Room for Tomorrow

Your business name can sometimes be so specific, for example when you’re naming based on the product(s) you sell, but that can limit you in the future as your business grows.  The key is to name your business for today, but make sure you leave room in the name for any growth or new expansion you might have.  A great example of this is…they started an online book retailer and now they are the largest online retailer of everything.  If they would have named their business it might have been difficult to sell anything but books.  Make sense…it’s definitely a balancing act, but the key is to not limit your options in the future if you decide to take your business in a new direction.

The Name Isn’t As Important As Your Brand

The name of your business is definitely important, but it’s your brand that brings the customers back.  Don’t worry too much about the name of your business because no matter what name you come up with, your brand is what will keep your customers returning.  So, what’s a brand?  Your brand is a direct reflection of you, your products and your business…it’s adding a personal touch to your products, providing superior customer service, sharing your story and product portfolio on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest…every customer touch point is part of your brand.  These interactions help to make your business and your business name memorable.

So, what’s in a name?  It’s really up to you…be unique, be personal, be traditional, be whatever you like…just be you!

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