Simple, Non-cluttered, Accessible Bookkeeping

I’m two and a half years out of college with a degree in Political Science and dashed dreams of teaching college thanks to the GRE :) . In that time I chased down four different jobs and honestly got tired of chasing the next opening in my field. You see, I’m from the non-profit world, development and fundraising to be exact, and I would really like to know why it is that non-profits always cut fundraising staff when they need to raise money.

As a result of this experience I decided to provide fundraising and other services to non-profits who would otherwise just hire someone only to let them go when times get tough. So on January 4 of this year I opened my doors for business. I provide fundraising, board development, and prospect research services to non-profits, and I provide these services virtually much like a Virtual Assistant. This reduces my overhead in a huge way and puts my prices within the range of small non-profits.

The Non-Profit Coach

I brand myself as The Non-Profit Coach. Though I’ve begun expanding into other services targeting small and independent business owners.

As I began building my business I quickly realized that I couldn’t just use Excel to track my income and expenses. For one it wasn’t automated, and I like automation. So I began trying out different types of accounting software. I couldn’t use Quickbooks, and Quickbooks Online Edition was just to much for me.

I read about through Freshbooks which I was using to send out invoices and since it was free I gave it a try. After all, what did I have to lose?

I quickly fell in love with the simple and non-cluttered interface, but the key reason I absolutely love using Outright is because as a business owner who is totally blind, it makes bookkeeping and accounting accessible.

Reagan D. Lynch works with highly skilled web developers, researchers, data analyzers, and writers to provide a full range of services to non-profit organizations. Your Non-Profit Coach experienced with fundraising, government relations, and political campaigns.

You can find out more about his practice at, contact Reagan here, or follow @rdlynch.

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