Outright Weekly Small Business Forecast

Welcome to the brand new Outright Weekly Small Business Forecast! Instead of looking to the past in our Weekly Round-Up, the Forecast comes out on Mondays to let you know what to expect in the future. Let us know what you think of the changes and we hope you enjoy our tips, news, and more!

Outright To-Do Tip: Upgrade Your Tech

Remember years ago when it was such a huge pain to upgrade your software and hardware? You drove out to Best Buy or CompUSA (remember them?) to buy the next version of Office or whatever you needed before going home and realizing it’s incompatible with your current hardware. Now you have to go back to the store and search for the right part to fix up your computer so you can finally get back to work.

While you may still have software/hardware compatibility issues, the days of driving around town all day to fix up your technology are coming to an end. Most office software you need is right at your fingertips and can be downloaded in no time flat. Even if it’s not available to download you can buy it on eBay and receive it the next day.

So why has it been so long since you’ve updated your devices? Whether you’re using an outdated version of Word, tracking your finances with pen and paper, or even typing blogs on a Macintosh 128K, it’s time to bring your business up to date. The small business world isn’t going to slow down any time soon and your business can’t afford to be left in the dark.

Don’t just spend willy-nilly though. Look around your office and figure out which devices really need that upgrade. If you print a lot, get rid of that dot matrix printer. If you’ve found you’re out on the town all the time recently, get a faster smartphone so you don’t waste a lot of time waiting for your old one to catch up.

Around the Entrepreneur Web

Here are some interesting links that may impact your small business week:

Is it time to upgrade your cyber security? The recent Living Social hack was a wakeup call that passwords don’t solve everything.

As the housing market improves, will it also bring up the small businesses dependent on it?

Feeling a little run down? Try these tips to develop some healthy habits into your week.

Small Business News That May Impact Your Week

Has your business been affected by a major storm or other natural disaster? Thousands of businesses experienced a nasty shock when Hurricane Sandy plowed over land last year, many forced to go out of business due to damage and loss of revenue. Despite this, though, many business owners still report they have taken no action to prepare for such a problem.

In fact, according to a survey by FedEx and the American Red Cross, over 70% of businesses don’t see having to deal with a disaster like Sandy. It’s gotten so bad that both companies are touring the country to tell everyone why they should be more concerned.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a major storm. A power outage or freak lightning strike could wipe out your data on your computer. A fire could catch you off guard and set you back years in your business. If you’re not prepared for these things you may be in for a bad day in the future.

The link above provides a list of things you should consider when it comes to your company’s safety. Follow along and join FedEx and the Red Cross when they come to your town to better understand why you should take time to prepare for the worst.

Outright Community Speaks

Our users surprise us every day with questions and concerns. Here are some to think about this week:

Having trouble viewing uploaded images? You’re not alone! Here’s how to get it to work for you.

Some users report their Sales by State reports show “No State” in results. What is this and how do you fix it?

This question still need an answer: How do you categorize transfers between accounts?

Have more questions or concerns? Stop by our Outright Customer Care forum!

That’s it for this week’s Small Business Forecast! Hope it’s a great and profitable one!

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