Outright Weekly Small Business Forecast: Week of June 24th

Special guests, credit card usage results, and tips on message consistency: it’s time for the Outright weekly forecast! There’s a ton of stuff to cover, so let’s get started.

Danica Patrick Visits Outright

Both GoDaddy and Outright had a special guest last week: racing superstar Danica Patrick! She stopped by to say hello and tour both offices and we gave her a quick review of what Outright can do. She was a lot of fun to have and we can’t wait to see her again. Check out some of the pictures from her visit!

Small Business News That May Impact Your Week

This was a surprising bit of news – according to a survey commissioned by WePay, 72% of small business owners prefer cash or check as a form of payment over credit cards. Unfortunately for them, 69% of Millennials surveyed said they only shop at stores that accept credit cards. Older shoppers skewed a bit less but the trend was obvious: credit cards make a big difference for a store’s bank account.

Honestly, there will always be small businesses out there that want to just accept cash and check because it keeps costs down. However, the amount who don’t accept cards or online payments is staggering, especially considering how little either cash or checks are used. In fact, in the survey indicates shoppers 18-34 flat out do not use checks to buy anything.

Why the great divide? Besides cost cutting, it may just be a resistance to change. They may just not want to deal with the added headache of handling more financial matters. The tide is continuously turning against them, though, as less checks are used every year. Plus, the day will come when even credit cards are seen as “old school,” so it may be time to bite the bullet and make the switch.

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Outright Community Speaks

Our users surprise us every day with questions and concerns. Here are some to think about this week:

One user has noticed most of their transactions are for cash, and wants to look up records for previous years.

Another user has a question about managing employee payments and liability for a service business – this one still needs an answer, can you help?

Since it was our most requested feature, we want to point out again we’ve introduced split transactions into Outright!

Have more questions or concerns? Stop by ourĀ Outright Customer Care forum!

Outright To-Do Tip: Consistency

Your customer goes on your company website and finds a serious, professional looking layout. Everything is written in a very dry business manner and all the pictures make it look like you mean business. They head to your Facebook page, though, and notice many of the posts are goofy and silly. They head to your Twitter account and see a bunch of tweets that are short and devoid of any personality at all.

Which of these is your business profile? If you’re not sure, it’s time to get some figure it out, because your business needs some consistency. The first thing your customers see, be it your website, Facebook, or an ad on TV, is what they’ll associate with your brand. If everything else is different, it’s confusing for them.

Make sure every piece of media associated with your company reads the same. If you want to go for a goofy tone, that’s fine – just do it all like that. If you’re more of a serious business, go for it, just don’t have a page full of knock-knock jokes on your website, as it doesn’t make any sense. First impressions are a big deal, so don’t take them lightly!

That’s it for this week’s Small Business Forecast! Hope it’s a great and profitable one!

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