How To Make A Million Bucks, 50 Cents at a Time

So, you’ve read the title of this blog post and you’re shaking your head in disbelief, right? There is absolutely no way you could do such a thing!

…Or is there? I am here to inform you that you absolutely can, and as a matter of fact, I know someone personally who has done it and several people who are on their way there as we speak! There are many ways to earn money online, but only a couple ways you can earn money quickly and almost effortlessly. The two ways I know that you can earn a million dollar, fifty cents at a time are by creating an e-book or an app for a mobile phone. Both of these items sell for $0.50 and you can sell them faster than you can blink. Believe it or not, $0.50 adds up quickly when your application or e-book is made readily available. With so many people downloading new apps daily, and searching for how-tos online, the e-book and app world is exploding. Now is your chance to jump in and get a piece of this action! I will show you how to get them both started quickly and with very little effort.

Here is a link to an App developer who made $40,000 in two days. Have YOU ever heard of the iFart App? He is now selling the company for $1Milion. Or if eBooks and publishing are your chosen method, here’s a great article about a UK writer, Amanda Hocking, who is now a millionaire.

Get Started Building an App

There are several ways you could begin building an app. For me personally, I would start at Google. Simply Google “how to create an app,” and several different types of sites will pop up. There are sites you can join that create templates for you. There are also sites that walk you through the process step-by-step. If you would like a tutorial, here is a great site that offers 35 of them for you. Creating an application can be difficult at first, because you will be learning how to speak computer. Once you get the language mastered, though, the sites all promise that it is incredibly easy to create an app. Once you have created your app, there are tons of sites that will walk you through the distribution process. If you are comfortable with all the different phone systems to create an app that goes to each one, you will make money more quickly. If you are only comfortable with one phone system, however, such as iOS (for the iPhone) you can simply create one for that system and distribute it through the app store that apple runs on all of their phones. If you feel like creating an application for a phone may be beyond your skill set when it comes to working a computer, there is another option which is far easier.

Creating Your First eBook

Creating an eBook is simple and a great means of earning income. Simply find a topic you’re passionate about, such as homemade crafts, makeovers, or even something like creating an excel spreadsheet. Take screenshots of your process while creating the spreadsheet, or save images of the topic of your choice and write a short book. You will want to have an outline, an intro, and a chapter by chapter break down of whatever it is you’re discussing. At the end of your “book,” you will need to have a short summary.

The best, most popular place you can make your e-book available once you have written it, is Amazon. Simply create an Amazon seller account, upload a digital copy of your book and voila, you have become an online author and your book is available for purchase across the world. How simple is that? Now, find a topic that 2,000,000 people want to read about, and you will have yourself a cool million dollars. Or write about 2 things that 1,000,000 people want to read about and…well, you catch my drift. Either way, you will be on your way to being the millionaire you dreamed about in no time at all. So what’s stopping you? Get that brain in motion and crank out that app or book you’ve always thought should be on the market. And don’t forget me when you’re rich!

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