GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping’s Weekly Small Business Forecast: Week of January 20th

Waiting for spring to come before you do spring cleaning? Wait no longer; it’s time for pre-spring cleaning! Also, is it the end of net neutrality as we know it? A big decision came last week and it doesn’t look good. Plus we have more links, user questions, and everything else you need to get your work week started off right.

Small Business News That May Impact Your Week

For pretty much the entire time the Internet has been around we’ve enjoyed what’s known as “net neutrality.” Basically, Internet providers can’t limit, slow down, or censor websites just because they don’t like them (unless they’re illegal). So if you connect to the Internet through AT&T, you won’t be blocked or experience major slowdown by going to

However, as you may well know, net neutrality has been under fire for some time now. The latest was a movement by the FCC to maintain that carriers like AT&T must operate under the laws of net neutrality. Unfortunately, this was struck down, which is a huge blow to the web as we know it. This may lead down a path where carriers can not only restrict your movement around the web but also sell tiered accounts, with only the most expensive accounts having true freedom to explore the web.

How does this relate to small business? Imagine a scenario where only partners with Comcast have websites that work when customers access the web through them. Either the site is severely slowed down or flat out blocked altogether because they’re not affiliated with Comcast. Not only does this hurt every small business owner on the web, this could also involve sites like Amazon and Etsy where a lot of ecommerce sellers operate.

Luckily this isn’t the end of the road for net neutrality as we know it. The FCC has several options available, one of which will have to be chosen in the near future if the fight is to continued. It remains to be seen just how far of an impact last week’s decision will spread in the meantime, though.

Around the Entrepreneur Web

Links from around the web! They’re not necessarily the most current news or blogs, but we found them to be helpful, insightful, or just plain interesting.

How Optimization is the Enemy of Innovation – If you want to try new things, optimization might be the last thing you want to strive for.

Incorporating Social Media into a Great Customer Service Experience – How to incorporate social media and customer service into one mighty entity.

Do You Shy Away From the Term Emotional Intelligence? – Emotional Intelligence might sound like a trendy buzzword, but it’s a very important concept to grasp if you have any employees.

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping Community Speaks

Our users surprise us every day with questions and concerns. Here are some to think about this week:

User Question: I received payment and it showed up as income. I then deposited it in my bank account and it showed up again. What do I do?

User Question: Should I create invoices for each client and mark them as paid immediately?

Have questions or concerns? Stop by ourĀ Customer Care forum!

To-Do Tip: Pre-Spring Cleaning

Tired of looking at all the clutter you’ve collected over the past year? Don’t feel like waiting until spring to do some spring cleaning? There’s no hard and fast rule you can only clean up when the weather turns warm, so go ahead and start!

In fact, right now is a great time to tidy up a bit. The new year just started and you most likely have not settled into a “2014 pattern” yet with your business. This gives you ample opportunity to spritz up and get the new office smell back.

First look around your physical office and see what you can spruce up to get your area under control. Do you have any outdated electronics you’ve replaced or been meaning to? Get on it and toss those old dust collectors out! How about that gigantic bin of paper you thought you’d need before you went 100% digital? Give it away to a friend or colleague or even to a charity.

Cleaning up for pre-spring isn’t just about the “real world” though. Take time to do some cleaning in the digital world as well. For example, you know you’ve been meaning to clean up your various email accounts and keep them there. Now is the perfect time to start before the new year really gets going.

Another idea is to clean up your hard drive and move towards a cloud based business. Instead of storing a thousand pictures for your blog in your “Pictures” folder, send them to the cloud to free up space on your computer. Not only does it speed up your computer, it also gives you the opportunity to share files with team members or others when you need to – no more uploading and emailing files which can eat up precious business time.

That’s it for this week’s Small Business Forecast! Hope you have a great and profitable one!

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