Freedcamp project management app cleans up nicely

When it comes to project management, few things are sadder than paying for an app that’s so cumbersome you end up making a to-do list in Word out of frustration. True story – that happened somewhere I worked. Here’s another lame scenario: following email threads all day about projects, complete with attachments that bog down your account. Freedcamp takes care of all these problems and more. If you weren’t so addicted to your Post-It notes, you could even ditch them and solely rely on this program.

What Is It?

This completely free app enables you to create tasks, then assign them to others (or yourself). Forum-like discussion groups with threads allow group members to talk about their projects. If that’s not fast enough interaction for you, a chat bar allows real-time discussion using Gtalk, Live Messenger or AIM, to name a few.

The app really shines when users create to-do list items for each project, time the tasks, then use that data to create invoices. In addition, users can mark time as billable or non-billable, a useful tool if you’re trying ensure more efficiency among team members. One of the best parts of the app is that is stays free no matter how many projects and team members you need. Other features include deadline setting, milestone creation and file sharing and storage.

The Verdict

I highly recommend this clean, user-friendly app. Immediately after signing up I was able to jump in and create projects with no difficulty at all. I especially enjoy the to-do, timing, and invoicing features. That could be three separate apps right there, but they’re combined in this single app that so far operates seamlessly for me.

Freedcamp was founded by two University of California at Santa Barbara students, who added two more developers overseas as the application rapidly expanded. To learn how to use the program, check out Freedcamp’s online demo.

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