Collect and Manage W-9 Forms Online; Free

Whether you hire contractors or you are one, tax season starts in January with form 1099-MISC. To ensure the accuracy of the 1099, you need the contractor’s accurate taxpayer identification. The way to get it is with the W-9.

contractors and W9s

Today, collects and manages W-9s for you; free

  • Automated Online: Contractors fill out the W-9 online, all you need to do is tell us from whom to request it
  • Status Updates: We’ll track the status of the W-9s, ensuring IRS deadlines are met, and penalties avoided
  • Simplified: The W-9 is stripped of confusing IRS language; easy for contractors to understand
  • Streamlined: Simple, so everyone is prepared to file their 1099s in January

Get Started

There are 2 ways to track and manage contractors on

  1. As you record expenses to Contractors throughout the year we’ll add them to your Taxes report under My Contractors. Add their email address on that report and we’ll take care of the rest. By the way, we’ll identify those to whom you’ve paid more than $600, to ensure you file IRS form 1099-MISC on their behalf.
  2. Don’t need to record the expense but still want to use to manage your tax forms? Visit Taxes once you’ve logged in and take a look at My Contractors. At the bottom of the page is a link to Add a Contractor.  With their email address, we’re off and running and you’re pretty much done.

Working with hundreds or thousands of contractors?  Drop us a line so we can simplify even that burden.

I’m a Contractor, what do I have to do?

Collecting the W-9 from you and filing Form 1099 are the responsibility of the hiring business, but everyone can help ensure IRS compliance. If you’re a contractor, consultant, or freelancer, invite your vendors to get started with

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