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Hold On To Your Money: Adjusting Your W-4 And Estimates

Most people celebrate getting a large tax refund.  It’s like you’ve won the lottery.  You struggle along during the year and presto, you have this huge windfall of money coming in around March or April that you use to pay … read full post

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Cheat Sheet: Use Your Schedule C To Plan Your Year Ahead

Tax time is over.  All the rushing around is over.  You got the return filed, and either the refund is in the bank or the tax payments have gone out. That Schedule C you filled out to report your self-employment … read full post

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Tax Tuesday: Tax Time TuneUp for a Less Taxing 2015

Whew! Well that’s all done with. You finally managed to get all your taxes done in time and sent in to the IRS and your state. Or you didn’t and filed for a tax extension, so you’ve got taxes coming … read full post

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Survive April’s Sales Tax Due Dates “Perfect Storm”

Mark Faggiano is the founder and CEO of TaxJar, a service built to make post-transaction sales tax compliance easier for multi-channel ecommerce sellers. Mark’s passion is solving complex problems for small businesses. He previously cofounded and led FileLater to become … read full post

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Tax Day Hangover? Tips for a Simpler Tax Time Next Year

Your taxes have been filed.  Isn’t that a relief?  All that time you spent combing through your records, trying to piece together your financial life over the past year is done.  No more forms to sign and trying to figure … read full post

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Tax Tuesday: How to File for a Tax Extension

It’s April 15th. You’ve been number crunching all day but still feel like you’ve just started. While you’ve been denying it all day, you’re starting to realize there’s absolutely no way you’re going to finish your taxes on time. It’s … read full post

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Can you rent a separate apartment as a business space?

You may have started your business almost on a lark.  Maybe you found that you were really good at making duck decoys, or found something online you could buy for a cheap price, modify, and resell online at a great … read full post

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Tax Tuesday: Quarterly Estimated Taxes Refresher

In your rush to get your federal taxes done, you may have let a few things slip. You were supposed to pick up that prescription but were just too busy. You swore you were going to keep up with cleaning … read full post

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Tax Tuesday: Schedule C, Demystified

Is the Schedule C stressing you out? If this is your first time (or thirtieth – it’s not like it gets easier with age) filling this tax form out, you may be wondering if the IRS made this stupid piece … read full post

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