Best of Outright Weekly Roundup: Not Much Time Edition

Are all small businesses against the Affordable Care Act or is that just what we’ve heard so far? Plus, there isn’t much time left until April 15th – if that sends you into a panic, we may be able to help! This and more in this week’s round-up!

Small Business News of the Week

Regarding Obamacare, we’ve mainly heard small businesses (all businesses really) hate the idea of it and think it’s going to ruin their company. However, that’s not the only opinion out there, and many small business owners are speaking up.

According to, some businesses think the Affordable Care Act will make their business world that much simpler. They argue health care is complicated enough as it is and Obamacare will keep all the decisions to a minimum. Some even say (contrary to popular opinion) that Obamacare won’t do a thing to harm their business.

Take this quote from the article: “My workers are burdened by high deductibles and are putting off preventive care for themselves and their children and avoiding the doctor,” [one business owner] said. Health reform “was the first thing in years that gave me hope that this spiral of escalating costs and depreciating quality of coverage might finally end.”

This is certainly against the grain when it comes to opinions about the ACA. Of course regardless what the opinion is the changes are coming next year. What do you think the final result of the new health care laws will be?

Around the Entrepreneur Web

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Outright Community Speaks

Our users surprise us every day with questions and concerns. Here are some of the latest:

One user says their eBay fees paid from bank aren’t showing up as an expense in Outright.

Having trouble logging into your mobile Outright app as an eBay app user? Here’s how to do it!

Have more questions or concerns? Stop by our Outright Customer Care forum!

Outright Pro Tip: Time Running Out for Taxes

Well, we’re almost there. Just one week and a few days and another tax time is all done with. On to the rest of the year!

Of course, this announcement isn’t exactly wonderful news to many of you out there. In fact, April 15th peering around the corner is one of the worst things you can hear! If you’re still struggling to finish your taxes with no end in sight, your stress level could go through the roof.

We don’t want you stressing at all. Doing taxes shouldn’t be the end of the world; really, it should just be another part of your life or business life. Unfortunately for millions of Americans, tax time is one of their biggest headaches.

Because of this, we wanted to point out again before it’s too late that we’ll do everything we can to help you out. Seriously, any advice you need for your taxes, just ask away! We’re here to make your life easier so don’t be afraid to utilize our knowledge. Of course if you need real serious last minute tax help, visit your local tax professional. If you ask, however, we’ll give it our best shot!

That’s it for this week’s Round-Up! If you’re headed to SCOE 2013, use code OUTRIGHT to get a special rate through today!

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