Best of Outright Weekly Roundup: Avoid that Audit Edition

Have you found out yet whether your tax deductions will get you audited? Use Outright’s embeddable widget to find out whether one or more of your deductions is way, way out of line with your industry average and thus, liable to flag you for an audit. Time is running out!

Best of the Outright Community

Every week our users challenge the rest of the community with small business questions. These are some of the most interesting, popular, important and thought-provoking user questions from the past week:

  1. My photography business provides three very distinct services. Do I need to start three companies?
  2. I’m a graphic designer. How do I categorize font purchases?
  3. When I make a purchase with my business credit card, should I record it when I make the purchase or as I pay it back?
  4. Where do I add the home office deduction?

Around the Entrepreneur Web

  1. The 5 Worst Affiliate Management Nightmares and How to Avoid Them – Linda Bustos of Get Elastic interviews marketing expert Geno Prussakov on the five worst things that could possibly happen to your affiliate program.
  2. Small Biz Twitter Tips – Are you still putting off joining that Twitter thing? Scared off by “tweets” and “retweets” and “hashtags” and “twittetiquette”? Now, with Small Business’ Trends comprehensive guide, you have no excuse!
  3. Take Time Off Without Going on Vacation – Getting a rest, recharging batteries, and avoiding burnout is super important for freelancers and small business owners. FreelanceFolder shows us how with some handy tips. (But if you absolutely need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, check out FreelanceSwitch’s 10 Tips for Staying Productive During Vacation Time.)

Small Business News of the Week

Have we lost a generation of small business owners? This is the question Small Business Trends asks after analyzing a new report that small business ownership is down by 1.1 million from 2007.  And even more troublesome, the folks we’re losing here in the entrepreneurship community are self-employed incorporated business owners – the type most likely to work full-time and hire employees. Here at Outright, we’re committed to making it easier for people to start and grow their businesses. We’ll keep an eye on this trend, so stay tuned for more.

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