Best of Outright Weekly Round Up: Why, Hello Etsy Edition

This week Outright announced our brand new, shiny Etsy integration. Now Etsians can easily take the pain out of business finances by pulling their Etsy account information straight into Outright. Why Outright? Outright helps Etsy sellers get organized for taxes – quarterly and annual – but is also a good friend to have even when Uncle Sam isn’t calling. With organized finances, Etsy sellers can see where they’re spending money, who their best customer is, and even which states they ship the most products to. (We discovered at our Twitter Party last night that at least one Etsy seller, Christiane Knight (@xiane_3ravens) even made the move to a new city because her art sold better there! That just goes to show that multinational corporations are not the only businesses who move where the target market is.)

We’re happy to welcome new Etsy users to Outright. So happy, in fact, that we’re offering free to Etsy users through 2011. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Outright today and give the financial health of your Etsy business a checkup!

Around the Entrepreneur Web

1. Success Stories: Finding a Niche: Every successful Etsy shop (and business in general) has found its own little niche. The people in this niche quickly become your core customers and audience. For advice on how to find your niche, check out this video by Noha Waibsnaider of Peeled Snacks.

2. How Do You Define Financial Independence: It’s the ecommerce seller’s dream: to become totally independent on focus 100% of their energy on the shop. But how do you know when you’ve reached that point? And what does it even mean, anyway?

3. How is Your Small Business Doing?: Now’s as good a time as any to take a look at your business and decide how you’re REALLY doing. Whatever the answer is, something can be done to improve it. Here’s a list of tips and advice to follow in your self-evaluation.

Small Business News of the Week

For years, small businesses have been unable to solicit private stock or bond sales except to individuals who meet certain criteria. However, that may all change with a bill introduced by House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy. This bill aims to ease regulations on small businesses, including the aforementioned solicitation. Mainly, McCarthy wants businesses to be able to raise funds without registering their offerings through the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The bill is one of many out there trying to ease the burden of the small business owner. Another bill, introduced soon by Rep. Patrick McHenry, will make it easier for small business to raise money through crowd funding. With bills and other programs out there, it seems that everyone is trying to help the small business owner achieve their dreams. Of course, they know full well it’s the small business owners who may in turn aid the stranded economy.

Outright Pro Tip of the Week

If you didn’t catch last night’s super fun Twitter party honoring Hello Etsy, check out all the posts at #luvcraftluvmoney. We’re going to have a more in-depth post about it later on, but thought we’d cover a few of the major points today.

When asked, most of our Etsy sellers’ major problems seemed to involve either getting income flow or maintaining income flow. If that isn’t THE universal business issue I don’t know what is. One of the suggestions made was to stop worrying so much about solving problems before you have them, especially when it comes to customers.

For instance, you may spend so much time theorizing on what your customers need fixed that you forget to actually talk to them to find out. F0cus on leading customers to your shop, then find out what they need, in that order. If your product/service is good enough, they’ll come to you.

Another great point was that you should be happy and grateful doing what you do. Money can be made, that’s easy. What’s not easy is nurturing talent and being tenacious when the chips are down. The best sellers are the ones who do both of these and love every minute of it. Love what you have, and love what you do, and the money will find you!

That’s all for today’s Outright Weekly Round Up. If you love Outright, don’t forget you can earn $25 for recommending us through¬†Outright’s new affiliate program at Commission Junction. Don’t delay in signing up, as we have some fun contests coming up in the near future!

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