Best of Outright Weekly Round-Up: Vlogging Edition

Does your company operate out of your office? Find out why that may be going out of style! Plus, if you’re tired of just writing blogs for your website, it may be time to try vlogging – but not before you take a few things into consideration!

Small Business News of the Week

It’s a trend that started a while back but has seen a surge with business owners looking for alternative ways of running a company: the alternative workspace! Coworking space, virtual desktops, and other non-regular office work areas have been all the rage recently as companies realize there’s often no point in doing things “business as usual.”

Even though the small business world and economy is slowly improving, the trend may be set in stone. Coworking spaces are growing around the world, with some up by 50% in 2011. This growth may be attributed to not just the economic benefits but working with other entrepreneurs and freethinkers. It creates an environment full of creativity and camaraderie not found in a lot of places.

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Outright Pro Tip of the Week

Tired of just blogging? Want to give your company website, Facebook, or blog a more personal touch? Try vlogging, or video blogging! All it takes is a simple camera, a few lights and imagination and suddenly you’re famous on the Internet!

Well, maybe it’s not quite that simple, but video logging can separate you from the rest of your field. One of the most important things to remember when starting a vlog is to keep it interesting. Whatever it takes, don’t bore your audience. Come up with some unique ideas your audience has never heard or even considered before or at least put your own spin on an old subject. If you bore them, they’ll leave!

Also make sure your microphone is a good one – nothing’s worse than a video with bad sound, and most people won’t stand for it. Then it won’t matter how good or original your message is, nobody will be around to hear it!

That’s all for today’s Outright Weekly Round Up. Until next week!

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