Best of Outright Weekly Round-Up: Spring Has Sprung Edition

Warm weather is here again, at least for most of the country. This change also brings out the best in shoppers everywhere – read below on how to take advantage!

Also, what’s in store for the unemployed when it comes to taxes – is something positive on the horizon? Plus some great links and community questions in this week’s round-up!

Tax Watch

Being unemployed is never easy. Some like to paint it as a lazy fun time (FUNemployment) or even relaxing. I for one can tell you that is NOT the case and it is extremely stressful, especially when it lasts for months or even years.

If you or anyone you know is unemployed, some relief is on the way. CNN Money has outlined some tax breaks the unemployed can use to give them some respite. There are some restrictions, like you must be looking for work in your present field and not just switching careers. But the extra help can make the difference between eating three meals instead of two or not having to worry about your electricity getting cut off.

Outright Community Speaks

Our recently reinstated Outright community allows our customers and friends to speak their minds and try to stump us with difficult questions. Here are some of the latest!

Which business entity are you? Sole-Proprietor? S-Corp? LLC?

My category isn’t right on my Schedule C. How do I change this?

Small Business News of the Week

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday got all the attention last holiday season, Small Business Saturday also (quietly) made a big impression. The campaign, created and led by American Express, was awarded the Super REGGIE, the highest honor in integrated marketing.

The campaign received the award due to the widespread message across a vast selection of social media. It also deserved recognition due to Congress recognizing Small Business Saturday as an official day. This award and recognition gives Small Business Saturday (and the business owners who participate) more chance to grow even larger in 2012.

Around the Entrepreneur Web

Preventing Entrepreneurial Burnout – Starting a new business is beyond exhausting. Here’s how to save yourself from burning out.

How to Dial Down the Digital Distraction When You Work – It’s easy to get distracted on the ‘net, especially for freelancers and web business owners. It may not be entirely preventable, but here’s how to tone it down a bit.

Should businesses follow all of their fans? – Is it necessary for businesses to follow absolutely everyone on sites like Twitter?

Outright Pro Tip of the Week

Warm weather seems to have officially landed, whether or not you’re ready for it! Seems like just yesterday we were putting on our coats and now it’s time to take them off. And with this proverbial removal of coats comes a change in your marketplace.

No matter what you sell, there’s a way to take advantage of the nice sunny days outside. Just yesterday I heard someone describe warm spring days as a “ticket to shop.” So if you’re not deliberately going out of your way to let these people hand over their hard earned cash, you’re missing out!

Redesign your shop to resemble the nice green pastures outside (even if they’re actually cold, hard steel girders). Remind shoppers of what comes with the warm weather: beaches, flowers, and stuff they need to own. Your stuff!

That’s all for today’s Outright Weekly Round Up. Don’t forget to check out ourĀ Outright Community Help Center. See you next week!

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