Best of Outright Weekly Round-Up: Oops I Did It Again Edition

Sorry, no Britney Spears. The “oops” in this case is all about taxes – what happens when you make a goof and need to fix it?

Also, we’ve got advice on customer service and the situation with the USPS and the small business world. Let’s get to it!

Tax Watch

Hey, wait a second, aren’t we done with taxes? That’s yesterday’s news, man! Well, not quite yet. There is one more matter to take care of, and that’s mistakes.

Yes, we all make them, including on taxes. Though the IRS seem like heartless jerks sometimes, even they know people sometimes slip up. That’s why they created the 1040X form. If you feel like you’ve made an error or just want to make a correction, file the 1040X within three years of the date the original form was due. In other words, if you want to fix your 2011 taxes you just filed, send in the 1040X by April 17th, 2015.

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Small Business News of the Week

The United States Postal Service is going through some tough times, and it’s making small business owners very nervous. There’s talk of not only many post offices closing, but even getting rid of Friday deliveries!

Naturally, online sellers would be particularly affected. In fact, it could potentially cut sales down by a large percentage. If a customer knows if they order an item on Monday and know it may take until the next Monday to arrive, they may decide to head to the store instead.

The USPS is just trying to save a sinking ship, though, so it’s hard to blame them. Do you think this will hurt your business, or do you already use an alternative?

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Outright Pro Tip of the Week

Customer service is no joke, especially in this era of instant information. One bad interaction can mess up your entire brand. So why haven’t you revamped your system in a few years?

You may have a nice system set up, but it can almost always be improved. Is there a way you can make the process more efficient? Can you improve the time spent on the phone or how fast you respond to emails? When one interaction can make such a huge difference, being proactive is a huge deal.

Also, take a look at your venues of communication. If you only have social media or email listed and no phone number, for instance, you’re setting unfair limits on your customers.

That’s all for today’s Outright Weekly Round Up. Go take a nice trip and relax this weekend!

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