Best of Outright Weekly Round-Up: End of the Tax Season Edition

It’s that time – mid-April has arrived! Are you all set or are there a few things in store for you – including a SECOND 1099K? Read on for more info.

Plus, how to keep your chin up in rough times plus cool links and questions from the Outright Care Center!

Tax Watch

Well, believe it or not, you made it. Yep, it’s the end of the tax season, and we’re still around to fight (and make money) another day! So did you get everything done on time? If not, you have a few days left – the official “tax day” is April 17th this year instead of the 15th, so make sure everything’s done on Tuesday.

If not, remember you can still file for a tax extension. This also has to be done by the 17th to avoid any issues. Also, if you owe money, you have to send in a estimated tax payment with the extension, or the IRS will come knocking!

If you’re all done, congrats – on to 2013!

Small Business News of the Week

The other day, we posted a blog about some business owners receiving a SECOND 1099K in the mail. Naturally, these owners were freaking out, especially coming this close to the end of the tax season. It seems there were some closed accounts on Paypal that had made enough money to get a 1099K, but they weren’t caught until it was almost too late.

Hopefully this isn’t the case for you. If you do happen to get another 1099K in the mail, don’t panic. Go ahead and file for an extension if you need to or if you’ve already started the process simply amend your return to include the new paperwork. Naturally this is much easier if you’re using software or online program.

The discrepancy shouldn’t surprise you, though, if you’ve kept up with your finances all year with Outright!

Outright Community Speaks

Have you found a business endeavor that’s NOT right for you?

How to get back data when we have to start new accounts?

Around the Entrepreneur Web

Networking is great – but how much is too much? – Eventually you have to call it a day and get back to work – but how to tell when you’ve switched over to goofing off?

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What is Social Engineering? – And how do you protect your business from such a chaotic intrusion?

Outright Pro Tip of the Week

Some things just don’t work out. Sometimes the biggest and best business ideas crash and burn, often inexplicably and randomly. When everything’s going south, how do you keep your enthusiasm and optimism up? Do you look to others for inspiration or just keep your chin up and push through?

Whatever you use to keep moving forward, it’s important to not get too discouraged when the cards fall down. Not everything can work all the time, and it’s often a surprise when something takes off. If your big idea doesn’t work, give it time – something big might just be down the road, so take a deep breath and get right back into the fray!

That’s all for today’s Outright Weekly Round Up. Have a good weekend!

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