Best of Outright Weekly Round-Up: Charity Edition

As we approach the end of the year, it’s good to take a moment to remember all the people out there who are having a rough go of things. This actually includes small business owners, as recent news indicates normal avenues of financial help isn’t there anymore. Read on for the skinny!

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Small Business News of the Week

According to federal data, the small businesses in the world are being slammed by an unexpected source: banks. Despite the slowly growing and recovering economy, small business loans from banks are on an extreme decline. This is surprising, considering most experts acknowledge the small businesses are the companies helping the recovery in the first place. The SBA says businesses with fewer than 500 employees created over 65% of the jobs in the last 15 or so years.

So why the lack of funds from banks? Speculation is that the risk is too high. Small businesses aren’t able to reach across the oceans to newer markets, which is where a lot of income comes from now. Some industries are shrinking due to the economy, like the construction industry, as the real estate market is in such a mess. Many business owners are turning to other means, though, as it’s been proven repeatedly that you can’t keep an entrepreneur down!

Outright Pro Tip of the Week

The holidays is a time of giving, no matter how caught up in everything else we get. And there’s no better way to honor the spirit of giving than contributing to your favorite charity!

Reddit is a website known for its charitable nature, and this season they’ve gone above and beyond. The atheism subreddit held a drive for Doctors Without Borders that raised an astonishing $200,000 for the organization. And of course there are the usual charitable drives, such as The Salvation Army and Toys for Tots.

Usually we would say that giving to charity is good business practice as it puts you in a favorable light in your customers’ eyes. However, sometimes it’s just plain to help somebody out. We know everyone’s strapped for cash right now, but remembering the less fortunate can really put your woes into perspective!

That’s all for today’s Outright Weekly Round Up. Make sure you check out ourĀ Commerce of Christmas infographic we published last week for some interesting holiday facts!

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