As the Holidays Wind Down: How to Do it Better Next Year!

As we enjoy the last week or so of crazy wild sales in this fourth quarter, it is a good time for all of us to look back and look forward. What worked and what opportunities did we miss.

If entrepreneurs are honest with ourselves, we’ll admit there are always more opportunities than we have time for. The goal is to identify one or two that you will pursue next year.

I asked a large group of successful seller from my That Kat Facebook Group what One Thing they plan to do differently next year and, of course, got some great answers. Do any of these match up to your thoughts?

  • Be More Organized
  • Take more leaps of faith
  • Get out of my comfort zone
  • Make a plan and stick to it
  • Get more aware of my numbers
  • More FBA; Less eBay
  • Join the global shipping program
  • Join Amazon
  • Diversify
  • Organize
  • Find new Sources

Now the way to do this is NOT to look at the above list and say, “Yes, I’m going to do all of that!” NO! The way to do this is to look at YOUR business, YOUR goals and what your next year looks like. Are you moving in 2013? Are your children going off to college? Do you have small children?  What does your LIFE look like and what does your business need to look like to be successful for you?

Sit down with a year’s calendar and block off all the Holidays, trips and plans you already have. Look at the business conferences you’d like to attend and see what fits into your schedule and your goals. Now you have a better idea of what success looks like for you and what time you have to devote to it. Don’t frustrate yourself with Ten Big Goals that in your heart you know you don’t have the time and energy to pursue. Choose the one or two that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line; what success means to you.

Have you never really had a plan? Just put stuff up for sale and hoped for the best? Making a serious plan is the goal I would encourage all entrepreneurs to have, even ‘accidental entrepreneurs.’ After all, if you don’t have a plan, how will you know where you are headed?

It is very disheartening and sad for me to work with so many hard working folks who are spending upwards of 60 hours a week on eCommerce and to find out, with them, that they could be making twice as much money working 20 hours a week at McDonald’s. Please don’t be one of these. There is plenty of success to be had and money to be made in eCommerce by businesses of all sizes. But you have to work smart. You have to know your numbers and pay attention to your plan.

How do you start making a plan? That is easy. You have to decide where you are going with your business. Do you only need to make an extra $500 a month to make a difference for your family? That is a worthy goal. Do you need to make $10,000 a month to support your growing family’s needs? That is a reasonable goal also. But they would each require very different plans.

So please take some time over your vacation week and time with your family to discover what is truly important to you and what YOU want a successful business to be.

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About Kat Simpson

Respected as a trusted eCommerce speaker, educator, and entrepreneur, Kat Simpson has been a successful eCommerce merchant for over 10 years. She is an eBay Education Specialist and Silver Level PowerSeller, who also maintains stores on Addoway, Bonanza,, and iOffer. Currently Kat is the producer of popular weekly Amazon FBA Podcast FBA Radio along with Chris Green of FBAPower.