5 Inspiring TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

First of all, let me apologize for the time suck that’s about to ensue. Ever since I signed up for the weekly TED Talk emails, I have found myself anticipating them with a combination of happiness and dread. I’m happy because I know I’m about to learn something awesome about talking bacteria or cyborgs.
5 Inspiring TED Talks for Entrepreneurs
But I dread the TED because I know I’m going to drop everything I should be doing in order to watch these delightful five to eighteen minute videos where the world’s great thinkers share their research, or conclusions or just stories. (Not to mention, watching an email newsletters-worth of TED talks has me approximately 495 days ahead on my life’s mission to learn something new every day.)

In all that TED talk watching, I’ve come across 5 of the most inspiring talks for entrepreneurs. In no particular order:

Let’s Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs – Cameron Herold on how we miss the opportunity to find and train entrepreneurial kids. If you only have the time for one talk on this list, this is the one to watch.

Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders –  Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook talks about why a smaller percentage of women than  men reach the top of their professions. This talk will encourage you to look at your own biases. And ladies, it gives us something to disprove!

Let’s Simplify Legal Jargon – Marketers, advertisers, designers and writers are all in the business of simplifying complex concepts. Why aren’t lawyers and lawmakers doing the same? Alan Siegel talks about how we could easily simplify all this “gobbledygook.” This talk is worth a watch for business owners for the info about crazy IRS letters alone!

The Power of Time Off – Stefan Sagmeister closes his studio for one year every 7 years. Sounds crazy, right? All of your clients would laugh if you told them you were closing up shop for a year. But listen to the benefits that Stefan, with his fantastic accent, lists and choose to extend your stay the next time you think you can only take a weekend off from your business.

Richard St. John’s 8 Secrets of Success – “If you do it for love, the money comes anyway,” and seven more secrets of 500 very successful people. Also, add a new term to your lexicon: “Work-a-frolic.”

I watched 11 extra TED Talks during the writing of this article alone. How many caught your fancy before you were able to pull yourself away? Didn’t get enough? Check out our 5 More Inspiring TED Talks for Entrepreneurs and if you’re an entrepreneur yourself, don’t forget to check out a free trial of Outright.com to automate your business’ finances!

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