2 eBay Sales Trends for 2013

Which eBay trends do you need to pay attention to in 2013?

I’ve noticed several again and again in the news. Let me list the two I think will be most important to eBay sellers who rely on eBay for most of their eCommerce income.

eBay +Mobile

First is Mobile. If you do a Google search for the most articles associated with eBay, “Mobile” is the word of the year! Seven hundred seventy-seven MILLION results. If you are an eBay seller, chances are at least 25% of your sales have been made in the recent months through mobile devices. You can check this by downloading your PayPal history and seeing the type of payments that show up. In some categories, mobile purchases are expected to reach 75%.

What does this mean to an eBay seller? Most of all, you need to make sure your listings are showing correctly on mobile devices. The easiest thing to do is to check them on multiple devices yourself  by asking your friends’ for help. Just ask, most are happy to look.

With all the focus eBay has put on their multiple mobile apps, they are a leader in this field and have done a lot of the ‘heavy-lifting’ for you. What are the top recommendations for sellers? EBay already reformats your listings for their mobile apps using the information they have – not including the description information.  To make this work best, be sure to include all the information that eBay now provides separate boxes to enter in. This would currently include: title, subtitle, condition, category, condition description, UPC codes and images. This will populate the mobile app best. Other suggestions are to remove any ‘flash’ included in your item description, simplify or even eliminate your templates, and of course, no music or moving items.


The next most important trend, in my opinion, can be illustrated with a You Tube Sensation. This song about “Thrift Stores” by an independent musician is making all kinds of records. I’ve added the ‘clean’ version here as the original contains much profanity.

My point in including this is just how popular and even trendy Thrift Shopping has become. Some phrases from the song “Popping Tags” and “Grandaddy’s clothes” are now standard Twitter and Facebook content.

And again, why am I including this? I feel the song is just another example that competition is growing. EBay came onto the scene and made starting an eBay business easy for most folks. Technological advances such as scanning programs and smartphones have made it even easier. As an eBay seller, just sitting around twisting your hands and complaining about change will do nothing but run you out of business. Take advantage of the wealth of information available to learn and grow your business. It will NOT get easier in regards to competition in 2013!

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