10 Reasons You Need to Go to BizTechDay

biztechdaySan Francisco, October 22-23, 1202 business icons and enthusiastic entrepreneurs descend on San Francisco to share strategies and innovative tools to help launch and grow businesses. At BizTechDay, you’ll have a chance to learn from some of the most powerful business thought leaders, network with others and most importantly, get clear and practical ideas on how you can transform your business right now and take charge of your success. But that’s not all…

10. Debate the E-Myth: n. ee-mith – An unproven, though intriguing, convention that an individual who understands the technical work of a business can successfully run a business that does that kind of technical work

9. Have a drink with Kevin Rose (but not Alex Albrecht :( ); sponsored by the Patron Tequila Express?

8. Meet 12% of BusinessWeek Magazine‘s 25 Most Influential People on the Web in 2009

7. Find out what’s really on Craig’s List in an intimate Fireside Chat

6. Connect with a ridiculous number of resources for small businesses including Jill Lublin, author of Get Noticed… Get Referrals, Hatch Network’s Alison Covarrubias, Barbara Russo STRATEGICS, WebGrrl Nelly Yusupova, Woman of Influence Kristy Rogers, Ramon Ray of Smallbiztechnology.com, and a Wealthy Bag Lady

5. Fart with Joel Comm (Yes, that’s what iSaid.)

4. Learn from one of the Most Innovative Business People of 2007 how to work only 4 hours (just don’t tell your boss… or spouse)

3. Consider the social impact of your business with Bruce A. Nasby and SIFE, Julie Castro Abrams’ Women’s Initiative, and our friends at Kiva

2. Stump a resident Genius, live on Justin.tv

1. Play Spot The Kevin with Outright co-founder, Kevin Reeth, and a panel of exceptional entrepreneurs in a discussion about How to Run Your Business or Nonprofit on the Cheap, Kevin Rose, Twittering with the Stars, and Kevin Hartz, keeping the Eventbrite

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